The 10 Best 3D Animation Agencies (2024)

Best 3D Animation Agencies

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How to choose a 3D Animation in United Kingdom for your business?

What is 3D Animation?

Before starting to specify your requirements for your next 3D Animation project, it is very important to understand what it is all about. The digital era hasn't been so diversified in matter of the specific set of skills that our 3D Animation agencies can assist you with. Hiring the ideal service for your job begins with the right definition of your needs.

The 3D animation agency creates various video and animation based projects for its clients. They are experts in the field of 3D animation and specialize in creating animations using computer graphics software.

3D Animation vs 2D Animation

3D animation is the process of creating animated motion picture via computer graphics platform. 2D Animation on other hand is a first-generation technique where some drawings are still used to create action sequence - though mainly two dimensional creations such as paper cutouts, stop motion and sometimes even live-action footage may be used.

3D Animation refers to the use of computer applications that provides 3D animation and visual effects for games, cartoons, movies, interactive software, and additional multimedia. It's a form of computer-assisted style (CAD) which is used to create animated 3D models by using mathematical equations and 3D animation methods. The most popular type of this software is Adobe After Effects, that can be widely used for motion images, character animations, advertisements and other visual presentations. There are many 3D Animation services offering both motion graphics and 2D animation solutions. A fantastic 3D Cartoon bureau can help you in making your project look much better, much more lively, engaging and higher quality.

What can 3D Animation agencies do for you?

If it comes to 3D Animation, customers may expect many types of services from our services. In Sortlist, we have observed a trending demand in United Kingdom for demands that included:

  • Retail
  • Interior
  • Infographics


3D animation is a technique that has been used in computer graphics to generate images or animated sequences which appear to be real. It is done by adding a third dimension to an image through the use of computer graphics. Animation can be used in many ways, including but not limited to: - Making a video game more realistic - Making a TV commercial more impactful - Creating a movie trailer - Creating a film - Making a website more engaging Finding the right 3D animation agency for your business is crucial. With so many companies creating 3D animation these days, it’s hard to know what you need when it comes to 3D animation for your business. Fortunately, there are some first-class agencies that offer stellar options to improve your digital sales and marketing. To help we’ve pulled together a list of the best 3D animation agencies in United Kingdom in 2021 and beyond. The list isn’t meant to be conclusive, but provides you with a starting point to get your agency selection process moving in the right direction. So here are the best 3D animation agencies for 2021 and beyond: